Saturday, 30 May 2020

OCF Videos 30th May 2020

Here is Laura with today's video.


  1. Thank you, Laura. This has warmed the cockles of my heart tonight. Thank you for this reminder / revelation of truth. x

  2. Beautiful revelation Laura and thank you for those words of encouragement x

  3. Dear Laura,Once Again Thank You for Sharing a Glimpse of your Vulnerable Heart!
    Praise GOD, That our Relationship with our Gracious Heavenly Father as Never Been Reliant on Us! For It Was GOD Who Created us & Firstly Covenanted HIMSELF To Us! Even Though HE Always Knew That We are Unfaithful! GOD Still Chose To LOVE us Beyond Compare. And Because HE Went Through The Valley of Death Before us,we Can Fully Trust HIM to Guide us Safely Through to HIS Lush Green Pastures. Amen 🙏.
    GOD Bless You Laura from Michael & Jane Durban.

  4. Integrity and vulnerability are really impressive combination Laura... Thanks for sharing... In such a gentle honest and truthful way... I love the God's why (his reason)... Journey's can be rough am not loving this one either x


OCF Videos 10th June 2020

Here is Dave with today's video.