Sunday, 19 April 2020

OCF Daily 19th April 2020

Here is today's video, which is what Andrew shared on this morning's Zoom meeting.  Unfortunately, the recording cut off slightly before the end, but none of the main points have been missed.


  1. Thank You Andrew.
    May GOD Be Seen In & Through Us.
    To GOD Be The GLORY!
    Matthew 5 v 16.

  2. I'm Sorry for Second Comment! But I have just received A Fabulous PDF From our Steve Hepden. Hit The Hittites.
    Steve Reminded us of The Presence of GOD.
    The Veil of The Temple Has Been Rent! & Now We Have Access To The Presence of GOD. Hebrews 4 vs. 14 > 16.
    Like Andrew, Steve Then Said, Be Reminded Too, That The Word Presence In Hebrew Means FACE; That's How Close To GOD We Can Get. Wow! Amen.
    I'm Sorry for the length of this Comment but I thought it Was Relevant & Important.

  3. I love your preaching Andrew. Thanks for this.


OCF Videos 10th June 2020

Here is Dave with today's video.