Wednesday, 22 April 2020

OCF Daily 22nd April 2020

Here is Mark with today's video.


  1. A Messianic Prophecy of The Resurrection of JESUS The HOLY ONE. Ps.16 vs 7 > 11.

    But He (David) was a Prophet & knew that GOD Had Promised him on Oath that HE Would Place One of His Descendants on His Throne. Seeing What Was Ahead, He Spoke of The Resurrection of The CHRIST, That HE Was Not Abandoned To The Grave, Nor Did HIS Body See Decay.
    Acts 2 vs. 30 & 31.
    Psalm 16 vs. 7 > 11.
    Acts 2 vs. 22 > 35.
    1 Cors. 15 vs. 3 > 8. (verse 4).

    Thank you Mark for your Bible Study.

  2. Thank you so much Mark. I absolutely love Psalm 16 - thank you for reminding us of the hope we have in Him. Have a blessed day. Xx

  3. Thanks for this Mark, just great to hear this hope-giving psalm read out, and I enjoyed your reflections - thanks for sharing them with us. xxx

  4. Thanks Mark, Psalm 16 'The Golden Secret'.


OCF Videos 10th June 2020

Here is Dave with today's video.