Saturday, 4 April 2020

OCF Daily 4th April 2020

Here is Laura with today's video.


  1. Thanks Laura for an honest blog. I appreciated it as am.sure others will. Well done

  2. Only just caught this now. Thank you Laura for this. It was such a good reminder of what we have done over the past months and how we can draw upon what God has been saying and doing already. Thank you for your honesty Laura, and also for the courage to bring B this publicly as it can be hard to do that if you feel the backdrop the the wider Christian world is publicising its one of ultra-faith. However you are correct in saying that there will be times for rejoicing AND lamenting in this time (both privately and in the gathered church).

  3. Hi Laura, Thank you So, So, Much for Sharing your Heart! Your Very Vulnerable Inner Self! Your Honesty Blessed me So Much. It's been a few yucky days for me also, but when listening to your thoughts, I was Warmly Encouraged that even in our gloomier days GOD Is Always with us. He Has Given us HIS Garments of Praise & Taken Away our spirit of Heaviness, And HE Has Given us HIS HOLY SPIRIT The Oil of Joy & Taken Away our Fear & Mourning. GOD Bless you Laura & Thank you.

    1. Thank you Michael, I'm glad you were blessed. :)


OCF Videos 10th June 2020

Here is Dave with today's video.