Thursday, 7 May 2020

OCF Daily 7th May 2020

Here is Mark with today's video.


  1. Thanks Mark, well done, glad you are feeling better. GB

  2. This is brilliant, thanks Mark. Really enjoyed hearing your thoughts. Keep resting! Xxx

  3. Hi Mark. It Was So Good To See 👀 You on your Video Blog.
    Thank you for Sharing The Aaronic Blessing with us. It's One of my Favourite Bible Scriptures!
    I often Imagine That GOD Is Not Only Shining HIS COUNTENANCE Down Upon us! But That HE Is Smiling HIS COUNTENANCE Down Upon us! For HE Longs & Loves to Bless us With Every Good & Perfect Gift from Heaven Above. James 1.
    GOD Bless & Keep Self Medicating On HIS WORD! Amen.

  4. Thanks so much Mark. So encouraging. Hope u are recovering well. God bless you. X

  5. Thanks Mark. I love this scripture. How fond memories for me of the church I grew up in, where when after a baby was christened they would be walked around the church by parents as we all sang this scripture over them. Thank you for how you have now linked out to the habitation stuff for me.


OCF Videos 10th June 2020

Here is Dave with today's video.