Monday, 20 April 2020

OCF Daily 20th April 2020

Here is Mike with today's video.


  1. Brilliant truths Mike, thank you

  2. Such a helpful reminder of such incredible truth - thank you Mike. Also it's just so lovely to see your face! Thanks for doing these and unpacking this for us.

  3. Spot the deliberate salvation history mistake

    1. 😁 As good as when I said that Jesus was Mary's disciple in my Mary sermon, instead of the other way around. 😂🙈

  4. Hi Mike, Praise GOD For your Eagerness to Keeping us Hungering & Thirsting For GOD & HIS Presence Especially In These Wilderness Days!
    Punim - Face Intimacy.(In Hebrew Punim Is Plural) Like With Moses, We Too Can See GOD Face To Face. Because HIS SON Shouted From The CROSS 'IT IS FINISHED' And The Veil Was Rent In Two From The Top to The Hem! So That All May Enter Into The Presence of GOD.

  5. Living In The Presence of GOD.
    For You (We) Are The Temple of The LIVING GOD; Just as GOD Said,
    "I Will Dwell In Them In Them And Walk Among Them; And I Will Be Their GOD, And They Will Be My People. 2 Cors. 6 v 16.

  6. Thanks so much Mike- so encouraging. X


OCF Videos 10th June 2020

Here is Dave with today's video.